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Welding Equipment Rental

Our services includes Welding Rectifier Rental Services, Welding Inverter Rental Service, Welding Transformer Rental Services, CO2 Welding Machine Rental Services and Diesel Welding Generator on Hire.

Welding Rectifier Rental Services

We provide Welding Rectifier on hiring basis 400 To 600 AMPS with excellent reliability and high performance, suitable for outdoor & on site use, with long leads and cellulose electrodes. It contains stable arc with regular droplet transfer and elimination.

  • Implemented low power consumption.
  • User friendly with ease of operation.

Welding Inverter Rental Service

We are offering Hire services for Welding Inverters (400 Amps) which is highly quality based industrial products widely accepted by our clients. Welding Inverter is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. We offer our renting services for Welding Inverter at most affordable prices.

Welding Transformer Rental Services

We provides hire and rental services of Welding Transformer which combines a compact streamlined appearance with maximum resistance to mechanical deflection. Our welding transformers are efficient, provides excellent welding characteristics and are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

CO2 Welding Machine Rental Services

We are the rental / hire service provider in providing Inverter based CO2 Machine (MIG) 400 To 500 AMPS to our clients. These CO2 welding inverters are light weight, compact and sturdy design. These machines are ideal partners in production Arc and TIG welding. We also offer repair and maintenance for these products.

Diesel Welding Generator On Hire

We offer Diesel Welding Generator (15 To 1250 KVA) Renting Services. Our Diesel Welding Generator are technologically advanced and meets the requirements of various industries. Sourced from leading manufacturers, these generators are highly energy efficient. These diesel power generators are easy to operate and are thus available with automatic power back up.

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